Emerald Elite Acquisitions is a private holding company open only to members of the Obsidian Elite Investment Association (OEIA). While we appreciate your interest, should you wish to continue further, you must first register as a member of the OEIA.

Requests For Financing

Starting March 1, 2021

Obsidian Elite will begin officially accepting requests for financing from OEIA Prime Members on the date stated above. We have already received some early requests. You may register and make payment now if you wish to hold a position in line. The application fee is $500.

Pre-Apply Now!


Financing is with the understanding that equity or revenue interest is what we are seeking for our portfolio. We do not offer debt lending services. To speak with a representative, please call us directly at (833) 977-2537 ext. 700.

Only members of OEIA can proceed beyond this point.

You may do so by clicking this link: