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The desire to become a cannabis entrepreneur is an alluring proposition, and in some cases a cool dream. We have a pragmatic approach to the cannabis market and we are here for the long haul as a permanent industry standard. And even though it may seem like a huge undertaking, it is not insurmountable.

We have gained great insight into the New Jersey cannabis licensing process and the players involved in the decision making process. There are also a host of potential consultants that all wish to be in your employ. However, who is reputable, competent, and worth the expense? How can you determine this if you yourself have very limited experience?

While you may have general business acumen, you must first realize that the cannabis industry requires considerable knowledge of the plant itself, the unique market conditions, and the regulations and laws governing the industry. If you are a member of Obsidian Elite, we offer our expertise of all these mentioned attributes of the market in helping you to achieve your goal of becoming a cannabis business licensee in the state of New Jersey.

our service

This is a service to assist OEIA members who wish to understand the NJ cannabis business license application process.  It is intended to help members prepare to apply for a state license to operate a cannabis retail, manufacturing, cultivation, distribution, wholesale and/or delivery business. This service in no way guarantees any applicant of our service success in acquiring a license, as this is not possible for any service in the market to date.



What we provide...


  1. Initial Business Consultation
  2. Cannabis License Application Process Outline
  3. Consultant Recommendations
  4. Application Review and Endorsement
  5. Special Consideration for Emerald Elite Holding financing




If you are interested...


If you wish to learn more about our services you can give us a call or use our contact page to send an email. In order to use our service, you must be a member first. Our membership is free, so there is no financial commitment to join.


However, if you are already a member and know that you wish to proceed you can click the purchase button below and you will be routed to our payment portal. You will then be contacted by your assigned account lead to schedule your consultation and begin your process.



Service Pricing


Our NJ CBL Application Management service is a one time fee of $600 per application line of service. Meaning, if you are applying for any of the license categories or their designations, ie. cultivation and retail, or processing and retail, that would be $1200 because your have two lines of business that you are applying for. If you plan to apply for one license line of business, than our fee is simply $600.


Our fee is below market costs by far, and the reason for this is that we are not attempting, as many are, to cash in on the limited knowledge and experience of our  members and potential clients. Our goal is to increase the number of melanated (African American and Latino) cannabis business owner and operators in the legal cannabis industry. And that is what this service is for and why our pricing is so low.


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