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meet our advisory board

Demetrias Carnegia


Demetrias Carnegia


Professional Pharmaceutical Scientific Expert & Business Professional


Dee Carnegia has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry with Johnson & Johnson, Inc., Eisai, Inc., Chugai Pharma, Shionogi, Inc. Pfizer and Noven Pharmaceutical, Inc. A professional cannabis advocate that is actively involved in movements that address social equality and community development. She holds a B.S. in Biology, an M.B.A. in Entrepreneurship & Project Management.



Cherron Perry-Thomas


Cherron Perry-Thomas


Visionary Social Impact Strategist and Community Business Organizer


A native Philadelphian and “health agent” for change; founder of Green Dandelion Marketing 14 years ago helping clients launch over 2,000 brands in the natural market sector.  A certified Social Impact Strategist, focused on cooperative business and social equity. She is the co-founder of the Diasporic Alliance for Cannabis Opportunities (DACO) since 2018. This year going virtually, she founded Black Cannabis Week, to educate, celebrate and elevate Blacks in cannabis.


Demario Jones


Demario Jones


Global Banking & Finance Executive. Expert Trade and Customs Negotiator 


Over 10 years in Global Banking & Financing Markets experience. A top executive in international finance banking, global economics, import/export, sales management, negotiation, business development, and understanding customs regulations. Holds a graduate degree in communication. Accomplished in setting up mutually beneficial international and domestic trade agreements between corporations with agreement value ranging from $2 million to $75 million.



Faye Coleman


Faye Coleman


Strategic Business Leader and Cannabis Industry Business Owner


Co-founder & CEO, Pure Genesis, LLC

Faye is a strategic business leader who thrives in challenging situations, including complex negotiations, international business and acquisitions, new business process implementation, and workforce sustainability. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, She earned her Master’s in Business Administration from Saint Joseph's University and Executive Education certifications in supply chain management and product development from The Harvard Business School.


Lloyd Havel

Lloyd Havel

Financial expert handling a portfolio of over 1.3B with 28 years of experience.

Lloyd is a 28 year financial professional veteran including over 13 years of asset based lending, and commercial banking experience.  He supports a portfolio of approximately $1.3B in commitments and has worked over 130 middle-market financing transactions.  Duties range from underwriting and financial statements review to compliance work. Previous cross discipline experience included solo and team consulting project work ranging from compliance documentation and implementation work to financial systems, analysis, and database management. Lloyd has interacted with all levels of external and internal management with direct C level reporting. 

About our Board of Advisors


Our BOA was formed to provide expert advice and oversite in the conduct and operation of our Association and to aid in the process of selection of members applicants for equity financing by one of or four holding companies. Additionally, to provide an increased layer of expertise, credibility, confidence and trust to our prime membership with concern to their investments in our holding company.


The members of our BOA were selected for one of three specific areas of technical expertise: 1) financial expertise, 2) business acumen, or 3) industry subject matter expertise. Our board members were also all selected for their character demonstrated traits of integrity and professionalism

We have over half a century of combined expertise in the fields of executive leadership, operational management, finance, insurance, investment, and marketing. With our additional expert advisors and fund manager we deliver to our members:

1) Expert financial education and guidance.

2) Steady year-by-year growth opportunities.

3) Unique avenues for funding sources.

4) Access to the most current state-of-the-art industry advancements.

about the


ObsidIan Elite Investment Association (OEIA) is a financial education association. In addition to financial education for our members, we provide exclusive access to private partnership opportunities for small investment. Our target general membership are working class and middle income Americans that seek to improve their personal financial position through the sharing of knowledge and exclusive opportunity. Our Association is based in New Jersey and created by African Americans, we seek to provide an avenue to communities heretofore largely excluded or overlooked by the wealth class of the financial community.

Our association is fertile ground for insurance, financial, investment, legal, and real estate professionals, as well as civic, social activist, and professional organizations to grow their businesses and organizations with our membership. Our events are meant to educate and inform the public and our members toward greater levels of financial mastery and advanced information on industries that we invest in. As our goal is to financially empower our members and thereby the diverse communities they are from; we believe that wealth is for all and easily attainable when certain core principles are adhered and respected. From small more intimate settings for our meetings and events to the largest gatherings of decision makers in the New Jersey region, our association has been an active participant.

Being the financial fuel and engine that promotes economic growth is at the heart of our association. Our leadership is organized into an Executive Board Officers of the managing member founders along with a Board of Advisors. Our professional staff brings great vision and energy to the organization led by our mission statement and grounded by our core values.


the founder

LaQuay LaunJuel


is the managing partner and founder currently serving as President of the Association.