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Enterprise Members 

Enterprise members are organizations or businesses that share a target market interest in our membership and our mission.


Our membership are business owners, licensee aspirants, professionals, and working class to middle income Americans that are interested in improving their knowledge of the world of personal finance, savings, and investment for generational wealth development and personal financial freedom.


We have over 1000 members, most of which live in the New Jersey tri-state area. As stated above they are business professionals and working class people. All of whom have an economic interest to be a member of the OEIA. These are people that are serious about learning more toward financial freedom and acquiring services and knowledge to better accomplish their goals.


This means that they most certainly need life insurance, budgeting, credit, financial planning, retirement planning, health insurance, business development, debt service, real estate, asset management, and investments, etc. If you are a professional that is offering these services and would like to reach our members, than you want to take advantage of our Enterprise Membership.

Membership Benefits:

  1. Permanent advertising presence in our newsletter. The Obsidian Elite Investor.
  2. Presence in our website members-only  Professionals area.
  3. Individual contact page with video or other promotional content availability.
  4. Sponsorship presence at all Obsidian Elite Events.
  5. Four (4) email marketing campaigns to our full membership per year
  6. Participation in the Wealth Academy Professional Lecture program.*

* means you can teach a module in the Wealth Academy sponsored by your business.

The Obsidian Elite newsletter - We produce a monthly newsletter to our membershp. Our newsletter includes articles on finance, investment sectors that we are involved in, membership updates, member highlights and Enterprise member banners. These banners are for all Enterprise members, so everyone is represented.

Enterprise Member Professionals Area - In our membership-only area, we are developing a professionals section for Enterprise members to have a business landing page that presents their services and leads to their website or other contact information. This area is organized by category of service and members have the ability to comment.

Enterprise Member Landing Page -  Each EM will have their business landing page that will allow video, print, and contact info. This page will have the ability for members to provide feedback on services. This is effectively your office address in the Obsidian Elite membership universe, where all of our members are looking for credible and trusted professional services.

Sponsorship - All of our events, (virtual for the time-being) are created for the education and exposure of our membership to professionals, financial literacy and education, and to industry experts (cannabis, real estate, energy, etc.). Our Enterprise Members are automatically considered Sponsors at our events, and have reduced cost if any marketing opportunity on our advertising collateral and so on.

Email Marketing Campaign - Each Enterprise members has the ability to send four (4) marketing emails to our membership per year. This is a single solitary burst email without any other Enterprise members. This is your moment to speak directly to our membership. Four times per year, you may address our membership body via email directly.

Wealth Academy Professional Lecture program - The lecture program is part of the OEIA Wealth Academy. We have various module classes for each level of the Academy. You or a professional from your company may provide a lecture in line with the curriculum, or completely teach a module to our students; our Apprentice Members. There is no better marketing opportunity in the financial or legal world, than to be a financial services professional and a professor. Instant credibility and relationship. The key ingredients for a successful financial, banking, insurance, and legal book of business.

Among the associations core enterprise members, you will find:

Financial Advisors, Brokers, and Agencies

Insurance Agencies and Brokers

Real Estate Agents and Firms,

Law Firms



Civic advocacy organizations

Social activist organizations

Industry foundations

Research organizations

General non-profit organizations

Chambers of Commerce

Professional associations

The greatest benefit the association provides for our Enterprise Members is the membership itself, our network, and inclusion in our events. We project between 80,000 to 95,000+ by end of year 2021. The math is clear...

Enterprise Annual Membership Fee:

The cost is per company representative that has the ability to operate as a company representative in our system. This is ideal for a sales representative. Of course, you may have your team sign up as regular members, but they will not have access to member messaging tools. The membership is annual and renews as such.  The annual expense for enterprise membership $1,000 per Enterprise Account.  For each additional company representative, +$500 per rep, per account.

If you’ve ever wondered what to do with your money,

then you need to join our Association!

We are not an investment firm, but help you connect with trusted advisors

and resources critical to your financial freedom!